End-of-Year Giving and Buying Strategies

The holiday season is upon us! Not only is it the most wonderful time of the year, it is perhaps the most important time when it comes to non-profit fundraising and sales. According to The Network for Good, "donors who start giving in December are worth more over time. Over three years, the total amount they give is 52 percent higher than people who start giving at other times of year." In this month's dcm_dial_log we hear from DCM's Director of Client Services, Pauline Palkovic. Pauline offers some expert tips on how to ensure that your season is full of bottom-line cheer.

Pauline Palkovic

Critical Time

One-third of all charitable gifts are given in December, and December 30th and 31st are the two biggest giving days of the year. Start talking about the benefits of giving before the end of the calendar year and start reaping those rewards now.

Tax Deductions

The classic end-of-year giving motivator is no less effective these days. Giving now, before the New Year, can have an impact on those tax bills! Potential donors need to know that they will maximize their 2011 tax deductions by giving before the end of the year.

Charitable Giving Makes Great Holiday Gifts

It’s a win-win situation: The charity gets the money, and the donor gets to claim more tax deductions while taking care of holiday shopping all in one fell swoop! Making a gift in someone else's name lets that person know that their favorite performing arts organization is being supported PLUS they can take advantage of all the benefits of being a member. This might include invitations to dress rehearsals, discounts, and access to the donor lounge.

Special Holiday Gift Packages

You can create a subscription or membership package that is an enticing holiday giving solution. This can be as simple as a holiday themed ticket envelope or privilege packet; or as elaborate as a flex pass, a gift card, and a branded holiday ornament all inside an elegant velvet or metallic mesh drawstring bag.

Subscriptions Make Fantastic Holiday Gifts

While fancy gift packages can be created, subscriptions, memberships and tickets make great gifts is. Train your callers to ask buyers to consider a subscription or a membership as a holiday gift for a family member or loved one. What nicer thing to find in your stocking than four pairs of tickets to a museum, the theatre, or ballet?

Holiday Event Buyers

Now is the time to return to past Holiday Event Buyers. Patrons who attended last year’s Messiah Concert or Nutcracker performances will be remembering their experiences fondly. Now is the time to approach them with a special package that includes tickets to your Holiday Event this year.

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