The Future of Telemarketing

DCM Leads Technology Revolution with ENCORE 2.0 and D2T*

Eric Nelson

"Houston Grand Opera has been extremely happy with DCM’s software ENCORE and the support you all have provided us. We credit ENCORE as the largest single reason our telemarketing campaign has done so well."

Steve Kelley
Director of Marketing
Houston Grand Opera

DCM is very proud of its reputation as both a service and technology leader. We constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and build on our successful track record.

This Fall DCM has launched two huge technology initiatives that will provide our clients, their patrons and our employees with improved results and a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.

We are extremely excited to roll-out ENCORE 2.0 and launch D2T!

Ushering in the future of telemarketing for non-profits would not be possible
without a strong foundation.

In 2007 DCM unveiled ENCORE, the most innovative lead management and reporting system for non-profit telemarketing campaigns. Through its unique data mining features, ENCORE can identify groups of patrons within a database to be targeted with special offers by the callers best suited to communicate those offers. As a result, DCM has helped clients to contact more patrons, generate more revenue and grow their patron base, all while keeping costs down.

In the fall of 2011 DCM began use of ENCORE 2.0 at the New York Philharmonic and Boston Symphony Orchestra. This new release of ENCORE offers greater functionality, faster speed, more in-depth data-mining, enhanced manager controls, better graphics, expanded data collection and features a wider range of analytical reports. Plus, it was built using a more nimble programming language which allows for easier modification and a rich user experience.

The results of those campaigns were stellar.

The New York Philharmonic telefundraising campaign netted more than $100,000 over the previous year and was the most successful effort in the 8 years that DCM has managed it.

Through ENCORE 2.0’s data mining upgrades, DCM’s Campaign Manager was able to better target patrons at the right time with the right appeal by the right caller. The campaign was able to run more efficiently, generating more revenue in fewer calling hours resulting in a lower cost of fundraising and a higher net for the NY Philharmonic.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra generated record setting results utilizing ENCORE 2.0 for their 2011-12 in-house telefundraising effort.

"For the first time ever, the telefundraising campaign broke $750,000 in received revenue! Of course, we have to give special thanks the DCM team and ENCORE 2.0 which allowed us to more effectively target the Annual Fund database as never before and in so many ways."

James Jackson
Assistant Director of Telephone Outreach
Boston Symphony Orchestra

Having seen such significant results and successfully completing two major telefundraising efforts, DCM is rolling out ENCORE 2.0 for all new campaigns.

But why make just one leap into the future when you can make two?

This past summer DCM laid the groundwork for its revolutionary web portal that works with Tessitura, the leading enterprise CRM software for arts & cultural organizations. Tessitura’s unified platform manages customer relationships, tickets, classes, marketing, fundraising, memberships, reporting, web transactions and more. At both the League of American Orchestras and Tessitura conferences, DCM previewed our newest innovation: ENCORE 2.0 with D2T.

D2T got its name from its function: delivering orders and accessing information directly to and from Tessitura Software®. D2T software has been in development for years and we are testing D2T at Houston Grand Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Save time and money.

D2T is a web portal that is integrated within ENCORE 2.0 that allows callers access to real-time information in Tessitura utilizing the cutting-edge Tessitura Application Programming Interface (API) and the open Tessitura database covering all customer and donor interactions. Callers need not learn how to use the Tessitura desktop application and never actually go “into” Tessitura. Think of it as visiting a website. Callers have the ability to see seat locations, process credit card transactions and access real-time patron history.

This means that our clients’ box office staffs will no longer have to "re-enter" orders into Tessitura which will save lots of time and money while creating far greater accuracy. It will reduce a tremendous amount of paperwork, minimize the possibility for errors with orders, eliminate double entry of orders and provide a seamless and extremely user friendly experience for everyone involved, especially the patron.

With D2T, the future of Telemarketing is here!

DCM’s Development Partner for D2T is KlearSky Solutions a technology leader in the arts. KlearSky specializes in Tessitura configuration and utilization as well as website design and development using the website API.

Live testing started at the Houston Grand Opera in November and will start at the Pacific Northwest Ballet in the beginning of December. D2T will be available for 2013-14 subscription calling.

Needless to say, we are extremely excited about ENCORE 2.0 and D2T. We will be sending out updates between now and the end of the year detailing progress and results. You can also check #DCMD2T on Twitter for incoming updates.

DCM is committed to delivering successful campaigns led by experienced staff and supported by the most innovative technology tools available. We aim to provide solutions that are the reasons for your success. Just ask our clients.

Join the E2 D2T revolution.

Contact DCM’s Vice President of New Business and Marketing, Eric Nelson, at
or 718-488-5577 x5017. To learn more about DCM and our services please visit

*DCM developed this product connection to Tessitura Software utilizing the flexible platform interfacing capabilities of the Tessitura Software® Application Programming Interface. The Tessitura Network, the licensor and developer of Tessitura Software, does not support or verify the effectiveness of the integration or the capabilities of this product. Any and all support and questions regarding D2T should be directed solely to DCM. Tessitura is a registered trademark of Impresario L.L.C. and is used by the Tessitura Network Inc. under license.

About Tessitura Network Inc.

More than 400 theaters, orchestras, performing arts centers, university arts-affiliated departments, museums, festivals, dance and opera companies are members of the Tessitura Network. Tessitura Network organizations are located in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Tessitura Software is the flagship product of the Tessitura Network and provides a unified platform for all departments within an organization to manage customer relationships, ticketing, marketing, subscriptions, fundraising, memberships, reporting and Web transactions. Deployment of Tessitura Software is either via the Network hosted RAMP™ option or via in-house operated servers. The Tessitura Network also offers services such as N-Scan™ ticket scanning for access control, express web integration, TN Mobile Plus™ for mobile ticketing and content streaming, and TN Social Ticketing™ for selling tickets on Facebook and more. As a non-profit corporation governed by an elected board of Network participants, the Tessitura Network mission is focused on providing continually innovated technology and services and improving the operations of users of its software rather than a profit motive. The mission also encourages and enables knowledge sharing among its open community of users. More information about Tessitura Network can be found at