Don’t Take a Holiday from Calling

Putting the right offer in front of the right patron
at the right time is key to increasing sales.


Milwaukee Repertory Theatre (MRT)
2011-12 Telemarketing Campaign

The Challenge

  • There is a perception that telemarketing campaigns cannot be successful on and around holidays. DCM and MRT teamed up to test this theory on “Black Friday.”

  • Last year, MRT did not call on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving due to historically slow telemarketing sales on those days.

DCM’S Approach

  • This year, MRT and DCM identified “Black Friday” as a focus for a unique offer to increase revenue through the telemarketing campaign.

  • The plan grew from a MRT idea to generate sales from recent single ticket buyers who attended an extremely well received production of Lombardi. DCM worked with MRT on details of an offer that could be targeted to these patrons on “Black Friday.”

  • The offer MRT developed was a 4 Show Flex Package for $100. This offer did not already exist on the campaign; it was created specifically for this effort.

The Results

  • This year, the two days following Thanksgiving generated 49 orders and $5,210 in revenue, all from the “Black Friday” offer.

  • Sales for that week totaled $10,145.

  • More than 50% of the revenue -- $5,210 was generated on days that the campaign historically has taken a break from calling.

The Takeaway

  • Generate buzz, excitement and improve sales during the holiday season by creating limited-time, specifically designed offers.

  • Develop a plan now for the days before and after Christmas and New Year’s!

  • Making your patrons feel special creates more than just good will during the holidays.

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