It Pays to Prospect Card!

Today's prospects are tomorrow's new attendees.


The Challenge

  • Many arts organizations have stopped doing prospect cards because of a mistaken industry perception of a dramatic diminishing return on investment.

DCM’S Approach

  • Prospect cards can be a great way to qualify vast numbers of names in an organization's database who haven't bought or given in more than 5 years; and to qualify traded, purchased or demographic lists for telemarketing. DCM calls prospect card respondents as soon as possible after the card is received.

The Results

  • The 2011-12 San Francisco Opera telemarketing campaign bucked that trend with a very successful prospect card response that saw $78,980 in overall income received from prospect card leads. That revenue represented a dramatic 100% increase in the projected revenue for the campaign.

The Takeaway

  • Prospect cards are still a viable way to find new attendees. In addition to the revenue brought in through telemarketing, prospect cards also generate income through other sales channels.

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